About Us

JDI Education is an innovative student recruitment service provider with more than 500 colleges and 60000 programs on offer mainly from the ‘five eye’ countries viz. The USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand along with Ireland and Italy. We are committed to arrange relevant, accessible and affordable programs to suit each and every student’s profile.

For a student, the most important decision in life will be the selection of a higher study program. They may have few colleges or courses already in their shortlist but they need guidance as ‘times are changing fast’. We acknowledge the changing educational landscape and are proactive to find answers for the concerns of students and their parents alike.

Our student advisors have in-depth knowledge of the study programs and universities to assist the students during the counselling and application process so that they can think like the student and offer a blended strategy for all types of circumstances but with career-focused programs which will transform students to leaders.

We keep in mind that things have changed astonishingly since we were students and try to connect the students on a personal level by understanding their real and pressing issues. Our registration process is easy and totally free of charge.

Director/CEO's Profile

Bringing more than 40 years of experience into the JDI EDUCATION, Mr. Dudley is the Director /CEO who will lead from the front with his presence to enhance the administration and counselling of our students from the initial enquiry up to the final stage of them leaving to the chosen country in order to commence the study course in the educational institution of their choice.

An old Nalandian, Mr. Dudley started his professional life as a librarian and quickly moved to other areas of corporate management through finance, administration, logistics and manufacturing by serving in several multinational companies encompassing the service and innovative strategies during the span of his contribution to develop and expand the enterprises where he served.

Mr. Dudley has managed a few diversified organizations in various capacities. He was the Executive Director of The International University Hub and former CEO/Director at Andrews Group, Director at Litro Gas Lanka Limited before venturing into being the Director/CEO of JDI Education Group.

Mr. Dudley has gained wide exposure in all aspects of corporate functions as a GM/CEO/Director wherever he served by rapidly advancing in the ladder of success due to being a consummate management executive with versatile high calibre and cross-functional team building capabilities.

While holding a Master of Business Administration from University of Northampton (UK), Mr. Dudley has earned an Executive Bachelor of Business Administration during his stay in the United Kingdom. In addition to be a Life Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians (SL) Mr. Dudley holds a license from the Customs Department as a practicing logistics service provider for importers and exporters. In addition to his corporate responsibilities, Mr. Dudley is serving as a whole island Justice of the Peace.

Mr. Joseph Dudley - Director CEO